Kerbisher and Malt

I absolutely bumming love fish and chips. If they ever made laying down sweet dance moves a capital felony I would definitely make it my Death Row meal – with tartare sauce, mushy peas and obscene amounts of vinegar. This should go without saying.


I’d had enough of my other half and her workmates making tenuous excuses to lunch at their local chippy Kerbisher and Malt – birthdays, anniversaries, bar mitzvahs and positive medical results all a perfect celebratory occasion for battered goods apparently. The other day I was in the area for a work conference and couldn’t resist bunking off to see what all the fuss was about.

The food is excellent fo’ sho’. There’s a few types of fish to pick from which you can then choose to have battered, grilled or in ‘matzo meal’ (a quick Google tells me that’s crackers broken up to make breadcrumbs), as well as other dishes on the menu like calamari and whitebait.


Sustainability being my sole aim in life (and the fact it was the cheapest choice) I went for battered coley and chips. The fish came perched on top of a colossal plate of chips sporting a perfectly golden colour. Cutting into it the batter was super crispy, the flakes of fish chunky and full of flavour. Even a diehard cod aficionado would struggle not to be converted to this coley. Chips were nice and fluffy, a bit reminiscent of Chinese takeaway chips which obviously I’ve never tried…

K&M excel in the condiment department too, ladies. Mushy peas are smooth but still have the right texture – it’s not just green slop. More crucially they do the fittest tartare sauce I have EVER tasted. It’s absolutely amazing. Almost as thick as a béarnaise, I legitimately could have downed a pint of the stuff it was so good.


For an upmarket chippy I’d challenge anyone to beat Kerbisher & Malt. It even gives my favourite fish shop in the world – The Wretham Plaice in Newcastle – a run for its money, which I never thought was even a possibility. Suffice to say I waddled back to the Olympia without a single regret other than not getting a can of dandelion and burdock to complete the experience. Next time.


164 Shepherds Bush Road , W6 7PB

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